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Group Assignment 2 Specification

A team will consist of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 members only.

The team will set up a hypothetical new and small business to be established in Saudi Arabia. Target market, however, should not be limited to Saudi Arabia only. Each member is a founder of that business and plays a key role i.e. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer etc. The team will propose a business model along with products/services and draft plan that uses the Internet to promote proposed goods or services.

There are three significant deliverables that will be graded:

1) A report outlining the business model (10% of total grade)
2) An operationalization of the plan through design that uses the Internet as a means of promotion (7% of total grade)
3) Presentation (3% of total grade)

Deliverable 1

The final group project report is a written document that will demonstrate specific key concepts of a business. In the Final Group Project report (group assignment #2), you will clearly specify the following information that should be consistent when you operationalize your promotion plan:

Criteria Complete?
(Yes/No) Total marks
Report layout (Generic Skills component) 10
1. Title page with course title, course code, group member names, student no, project title.
2. Page number on every page except the title page.
3. Table of contents.
4. Document format – Font type: Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Margin: Top/Bottom, Left/Right 2.54 cm, Paragraph line spacing: 1.5 line. Maximum no. of written pages: 30.
5. References in support of items 8 & 9 below (at least 5 references; use APA style format).
Report contents and quality (Final Group Project document contents component)
6. An executive summary (maximum one page only) 5
7. Introduction and background of your proposed organization (history, year of establishment, profile of the organization (the business it is in, shareholding, management team, organization chart, vision, mission and any other relevant information). 5

8. Competitive analysis of the business (new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, threat of substitutes and, industry competitors). 10
9. SWOT analysis of the business. 10
10. Proposed products/services line. 20
11. Statement of promotion of products/services using the Internet as a tool (see below tools marked as Deliverable 2). 20
12. Proposed ordering method and payment method for products/services. 10
13. Conclusions – expected benefits of implementing the recommendations in (11). 5
14. Appendices (screen shots and Flyer) 5
Total for report contents and quality 100

A soft copy is required to be uploaded into Turnitin Moodle. Similarity score should not exceed 15%. Score exceeding this percentage automatically receives F grade for this portion of marks.

Deliverable 2

Each group is expected to consult the instructor regularly on this assignment and submit at the milestone checkpoint an operationalization of the key ideas for their business. This means at least two of the following items containing relevant information are completed by the checkpoint date. All below should be completed by the presentation date and should be demonstrated as working well during the presentation. Most important of all, all information (including URL used for all tools applied) should be consistent among each other:

• A Flyer on your business and products/services (you can use Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop to work on this)
• A business blog (choose only one from the following tool i.e. wordpress, blogger etc.). For sample of a real business blog, see http://styleexchange.blogspot.com/ (note that this sample is not available through a Facebook page)
• A business email account (choose only one from the following tool i.e. gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.)
• A Facebook page. For sample of a real business page, see https://www.facebook.com/StraightFromUK?ref=br_rs
• An Instagram page. For sample of a real business page, see https://instagram.com/straightfrom_uk/
URL should be stated in the body of report. All URL selected should be consistent with the entity name. Appendices should contain screen shots.

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