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Flight Delay

This is a narrative essay and my essay topic is “Flight Delay”.
Narration/Narrative Essay Writing tells a story; it reports what happened.
It can also be an avenue for reflecting on emotions and ideas that are often confusing and/or complex.
Assignment Description:
moment in your life that lasted no more than one hour.
Get your reader engaged in the introduction and give the reader a hint as to the topic, but don’t give away the entire story.
The body will contain the narrative.
The conclusion should reflect on/explain the significance of the story or event.
include plenty of details, description, and dialogue – your narrative should come to life!
Use a clear chronological order.
Keep verb tense consistent.
Use transitional expressions to indicate shifts in time.
Use at least three effective metaphors.
Use really powerful verbs
Refer to this organizational chart for the use of transitions in your writing.

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