Food Record and Reflection


The purpose of this paper is to practice selecting, recording and analyzing your food intake and applying principles from class.
• Pre-Food Record – Prior to starting the food record, please take some time to honestly answer these questions:
1. What is your ideal body weight (this is a number in your head) and are you currently at, above, or below this weight?
2. Where did you get this number?
3. What do you think weighing this ideal weight feels like (physically, psychologically)?
• Complete a Sample Meal Plan after creating a profile on SuperTracker:
– You will submit this Sample Meal Plan unique to your needs (Attachment 1)
• Print out 3 copies of the Daily Food Record Sheet (Attachments 2, 3,and 4)
– Use this as a guide to track your food/drink intake for three days (1 regular day
and 2 days where you try to follow the recommended meal plan above).
– You will submit the 3 filled out records in your final paper.
• Post Food Record – Once your three days of tracking are complete, reflect/answer the following questions with thought and detail (be sure to number each response)
4. How well did you meet your individual food recommendations (food groups, amounts, variety) on each of the three days?
5. What did you notice about your eating habits including hunger/satiety, activities while eating, times you ate, food choices, when you ate the most, etc? Provide some thoughtful insight.
6. What differences or similarities did you notice in intake between the three days? Include qualitative measures as well (energy level, attitude…)
7. What surprised you (good or bad) about your eating habits?
8. What are the benefits and limitations of using My Plate (opinion) and would you find it helpful when trying to reach a desired (ideal) body weight?
9. What are three SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound) goals you could make after completing this assignment? How would you reward yourself once goals have been met?

• Conclusion – reflect on the overall experience; would you do it again? What did you learn?

• This project needs to be typed in 12 pt. font, 1” margins, double spaced. The attachments of Personal Menu Plan and three Daily Food Record Sheets are not included in the three page minimum. PLEASE use the rubric to evaluate your work for completeness prior to turning in. A copy of the rubric (below) with your name should be attached to the top of your project.


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