fuel economies

fuel economies

Automobiles have different fuel economies (mpg), and commuters drive different
distances to work and school. Suppose that you are interested in estimating the
average monthly fuel consumption of commuters in Valparaiso for the upcoming
month of October. You might consider collecting information from a sample of
residents and students in Valparaiso about their estimated number of miles driven
each day in October, the days they expect to drive each day in October, and the
number of miles per gallon (mpg) for each oftheir vehicles.
1. Create a spreadsheet model that will predict the number of gallons of
gasoline a resident or student will to purchase each month.
2. Suppose that a Landon expects to commute 24 miles round trip 20 days in
October in a Honda Civic that achieves 3ompg fuel economy.
What is the total number of miles Landon is expected to drive in October?
How many gallons of gasoline should the resident expect to use in October?
3. Suppose that Landon is considering purchasing one of the following vehicles.
Use the VLOOKUP function so that when you enter the model vehicle, the
correct “mpg” will be displayed and used in your model calculations.
Model MPG
Audi 19
Chevrolet 26
Ford 28
Honda 32
Kia 21
Volvo 25
Organize your spreadsheet effectively, use formatting, and functions appropriately:
0 Color the “input cell(s)s” yellow, the “processing” cell(s)s orange, and the
output” result cell(s) green.
0 Place a border around cells that display a number.
0 Include a heading on your spreadsheet on a row above your model.
0 Format the heading as Arial, 14pt
0 Format the cell containing the gallons used as Number with 2 decimals


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