gender studies (knowledge) (theory)

gender studies (knowledge) (theory)

In this paper, you have to analyze articles and break it down.You have to understand each article so you can answer this question you have to do your analyzing of this articles based on this question : Using the readings, explain how the scholars and activists expand upon the knowledge and power nexus to now include change? How is knowledge connected to social change and resistance?

pAmara H. Pérez, Sisters in Action for Power
Eebetween radical theory and community praxis

Reflections on Organizing and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

=;:.Sisters in Portland Impacting Real Issues Together (SPIRIT), and our parent
-“organization, the Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO), SPIRIT was offi-
5 cially shut down. This suspension of operation would have left the local
community we had been organizing for almost four years without the capacity to

-conduct irl-driven cam ai i1S around critical ohc issues such as education,

‘:3 P 8 P Y
trans ortatioii, and safet . This abru t s lit left us with the decision to either
concede to the closure or s in oil and rebuild the or anization as an iiide endent
I non-profit structure.
Many factors contributed to that unexpected and demoralizing split. In
hindsight, however, I have come to understand those tensions more as symp-
tornatic of the general state of the movement than as specific conditions of our
-3 If experience. The initial values, intentions, and politics of an organization can be
sound, radical, and ms irin , but it can also be clear from the outset that social
1’53 Chan e efforts can be susce tible to bad ractices. While the histor of what has
g P P Y
2 now become Sisters in Action for Power begins with a bitter account of the way
We were closed, it is more a thou htful reflectioii of the exhaustive ste s taken to
5;; rebuild the or anization, and a critical examination of a movements stru le to
f align politics and values to organizational infrastructure, practice, and vision.
5I The nature of non-profit structures, the power and influence of foundation fund-
ing, and the relationship of both to social change organizations present complex
3 and challenging questions for the movement.

At the time of our shutdown SPIRIT was ‘ust over three ears old. I had been
Working as an organizer almost since its inception and had become the director
-5; SIX months earlier. Our small staff was young and relatively new to community

organizing. Collectively, the leadership had virtually no experience in grant
writin , strate ic lannin , or conductin the tasks needed to build the infra-

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