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ANSWER ALL OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS.  The answers should be typed and submitted at the beginning of class on MONDAY NOVEMBER 17h.  Do not email responses.  Late exercises will lose 5 points per class day.  Each question is worth 8.3 points. Answers will receive 8.3 points if they are well written and thorough, show original thought and careful consideration, display an understanding of concepts, and answer all parts of all questions.

1.    Examine two (non-fresh fruit or vegetable) food products.  Identify the various processes involved in making each of the products ready for market. What processing has occurred? Has refining or cooking been involved? What additional ingredients have been added to the product and why (to improve flavor, to extend shelf-life or for some other reason)?  How does the packaging (container, images of the product, colors of the labeling, etc.) enhance the attractiveness of the product? In your opinion, is there anything misleading about the packaging? Does it make the food appear to be more “natural” than it really is based on your research of how the food was processed?

2.    Most fast food restaurants are attempting to make their food healthier or at least appear healthier.  Find an example of this from two different fast food restaurants.  For each item, discuss whether the company has made the food healthier or just made it appear healthier.  For each item, describe what type of advertising or marketing they have employed to convey this product as healthier.  Discuss whether you think fast food restaurants are good or bad for people’s health in general.  Do these “healthier” items impact your thoughts about fast food restaurants? Are these “healthy” campaigns a result of concern for people’s health or merely a marketing ploy?

3.    Do you consume any foods that contain GMOs?  Would finding out that a food you consume contains GMOs impact your decision to continue to eat that food?  Do you think food that contains GMOs should be labeled? Or even banned?  Why or why not?  Support your argument with scientific evidence. Cite any sources.


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