Global economy

Global economy

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Word Limit: 1500 words. Worth: 20% of unit total.

1. Collect annual data for each year from 2004 to 2013 for three countries, Australia, China and Indonesia, at Under “all indicators” find and download data for the following macroeconomic variables.
a. Real GDP growth rate (annual %)
• Real GDP per capita
• Inflation: consumer prices (annual %)
• Unemployment rate

Note: In order to download the data for a variable, click on the “DOWNLOAD DATA” tab on the right-hand corner of the webpage. You can save the data for each variable as an EXCEL FILE and save in a convenient location on your computer with the name of the variable.

Present the data for each variable clearly in a separate table for each variable, correctly labelled and sourced. (Express GDP in billions of US$, and GDP per capita in US$.) You can submit as a spreadsheet. (5 marks)

Tables and charts must be correctly titled, labelled and sourced.

2. Present the data collected above for real GDP per capita in a single chart with a line for each country’s data. Compare and comment on the differences between each country and over time. Discuss possible economic reasons for those differences. (5 marks)

3. Do the same as Q2 for the other variables: present separate line charts for each of GDP growth rate, unemployment rate and inflation rate. Explain why you might want to use more than one chart to present some variables. Compare and discuss the movements shown in each chart. (5 marks)

4. Draw a business cycle diagram for each of the countries using the real GDP growth rate data and show on which point of the business cycle each of your country’s is at now. What may be possible causes for your country’s to be on the point of the business cycle? (5 marks)

Up to 2 marks will be deducted for poor presentation including tables, chart, sources and referencing.
Presentation and Referencing:
Answers should be in full sentences, which have been checked for grammar and spelling.
All sources should be fully referenced including sources for tables and charts and date of access for online material. Your assignment will include a bibliography. If you are unsure about referencing, the library has useful information on referencing at:
Other Information:
Go to the Division of Student Life’s website, select ‘study skill’, ‘student resources’, ‘referencing and avoiding plagiarism’. The direct URL is

Please read carefully ‘ASSESSMENT’ and ‘ACADEMIC HONESTY AND MISCONDUCT’ in your unit guide before you start working on your assignment.


The assignment must be submitted as hard copy only and submitted to your respective lecturer’s letter box which are located on level 4 beside the MIBT reception. Please note, no on line submission is accepted.


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