Global Managerial Economics

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Global Managerial Economics

Extra Credit Alternative !.

Discuss these two questions (at least 500 words each):
If you were being assigned to a foreign position, what specific training requests would you make of your employer?

Ethical Issues. Bribery.
You have to export widgets to Central America.
The Purchasing Manager of the retail chain that could buy you only purchases if he has a personal benefit. All other possible buyers have the same non stated
requirement. After researching corruption indexes, what would you do?
Extra Credit. Alternative II.

Answer the following questions. Each answer should have at least 250 words, supported by data, examples, and references.

Operations. What basic factors must be addressed when managing international service operations?
Logistics: investigate the advantages and disadvantages of trade zones.
Documents: which are the main export documents in an export shipment? Which could be the possible problems if they are not done well?
Legal issues. Indicate an example. Suppose you need to import or export in your company. Which laws and regulations do you have to take into consideration? Be specific

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