Global Supply Chains and Corporate Social Responsibility in MNEs

Global Supply Chains and Corporate Social Responsibility in MNEs

Task Description

In light of the research conducted for your week as class leader and the outcomes of the tutorial discussion, you will develop a short essay,

The essay must:
? Address the key issues/questions in the case activity and/or address the central questions outlined in the tutorial guide.

?  Be clearly written and properly structured, with clearly defined introduction, body and conclusion sections

?  Address the key issues at stake as informed by the lectures, readings, class/peer discussion

?  Provide evidence of research

?  Demonstrate critical reasoning and analysis

?  Adhere to a formal academic writing style. This means you must write in sentences (no bullet points), reference appropriately and provide a bibliography

Assessment Criteria

Personal and Intellectual Autonomy
? Display expertise of main concepts explored
? Engage with class discussion on your requisite question/theme. That is, show how the class interaction modified your views/changed expectations held prior to class discussion.
? Demonstrate critical analysis, which requires you to go beyond a mere restatement of received
conceptual/theoretical ideas, that is you provide evidence to substantiate your claims/position.

Research and Inquiry
? Identify and explain/define the requisite IHRM concepts
? Show a logical presentation and flow of argument

Information literacy
? Draw upon an appropriate range of references, i.e. the compulsory readings and additional readings
(Please be aware that this does not include non-refereed references from websites)

Communication and Presentation
? Display a cohesive and logical sequence of relevant points
? Present in a formal and academic writing style
? Develop a logical and consistent flow from your introduction through to your conclusion.
? Demonstrate accuracy of grammar, spelling, punctuation and a formal layout. NB. You must write in
sentences and please ensure you submit a polished manuscript and avoid the use of gender specific and
discriminatory language.
? Ensure that in-text references and reference list are presented accurately (see School of Business
? Be very careful to ensure that you DO NOT PLAGIARISE, i.e. Appropriately cite references within the
essay – all quotes and paraphrasing must be referenced

Ethical, Social and Professional Understanding
? Degree to which your analysis explores the ethical considerations from various stakeholder perspectives.

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