government during the Progressive Era and the New Deal

government during the Progressive Era and the New Deal

Paper instructions:
Short Answer Questions: You must answer TWO of the questions.

1.  Compare/contrast the role of the government during the Progressive
Era and the New Deal. What role did Progressives and New Dealers
imagine for the federal government, especially in regards to the
regulation of industry? In your response, please draw on at least one
specific example for each period to support your claims.

2. Compare/contrast life on the home front during World War I and
World War II. What strategies were taken to promote patriotism and
national security? What were the consequences of these actions? Which
groups were most affected? Why?

3. Both Upton Sinclair in The Jungle and Jane Addams in “Recreation as
a Public Function in Urban Communities: address problems that
immigrants faced in the early decades of the 20th  century. How does
each author define these problems? What do they see as the cause of
the problem? What, if, any, solutions do they propose?

4. Advertisements in the 1920s and wartime propaganda during World War
II targeted women. How so? In this response. Please compare and
contrast how women were addressed in ads in the 1920s and in wartime
propaganda in the 1940s.

5. Why does A. Philip Randolph call for a March on Washington during
World War II?  What are the conditions he seeks to address? How does
he justify such action during wartime? How do his ideas about equality
and progress for African Americans compare to those of either Hughes
or Locke?


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