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Group Observation

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This assessment builds on what you learnt from the first assessment. Prepare a detailed structured or semi-structured observation instrument for application with a group of 5-20 people. The group should be not too small but not a really large group either. The task is to conduct a non-participant observation exercise for around 30 minutes. Conceptualize and identify the group, context and reasons for the observation. Collect your data and analyse it in depth. The group of subjects may be any type, and may be aware or unaware of your observation. If you plan to observe in schools and most institutions you will need permission. This also has ethics implications and ethical standards must be maintained at all times. Prepare a summary of your findings (six pages maximum; including a copy of the observation instrument). Of that two pages (max.) should discuss how the observation was conducted and how you analysed the data. Up to two pages should address your findings. The findings should be presented in a summary, but coherent manner. The findings from your observation are very important and are the key to this assessment. Finally include up to one page i-reflective critical analysis of your observation plus your observation schedule. Ensure all four compoents are included in your submission.

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