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Reflection paper

1. Your second reflection paper is due at the beginning of class on November __. Late reflection
papers will be downgraded.
2. Your reflection paper should be a minimum of 1,000 words. It should be double-spaced, with
one-inch margins on all sides. Use 12-point font. Use Times New Roman. Number the pages.
3. Consider the following hypothetical scenario:
At its next meeting, UB’s University Senate will vote on a proposal to ban students from
using electronic devices (for example, cellphones and laptops) during class, except when such
devices are needed to carry out an academic exercise. The proposal came before the Senate
because several professors complained that large numbers of students text during class, or check
their email, or use their electronic devices for other non-class-related purposes. These professors
claim that such behaviors (a) are disruptive to other students in the class, (b) show disrespect to
the instructor of the course, and (c) cause students who engage in the behaviors to perform more
poorly on quizzes, exams, and the like. The Secretary of the University Senate has sent you, and
all other UB students, an email inviting you to share your view on the proposal: whether or not
you support it, and why.
In your reflection paper, you will write a letter addressed to the Secretary of the
University Senate in which you answer the following questions:
· How well can students pay attention to classroom activities (such as a lecture) if
they are using electronic devices for non-class-related purposes (such as texting or
checking their email)? What impact, if any, do such uses of electronic devices have on
students’ academic performance? What is the scientific evidence?
· Should UB ban students from using electronic devices during class, except when
such devices are needed to carry out an academic exercise? Why or why not?
4. I am interested in your ideas, but you should also discuss these questions in light of Chapter 1
of The Invisible Gorilla. You must also refer to a minimum of three peer-reviewed journal
5. Include parenthetical citations and a list of Works Cited. Use APA guidelines.
6. Your reflection paper should include a title page. The title page should include the title of your
paper, your name, the name of the course, the name of the instructor, and the date the paper is
submitted. Put some thought into the title of your paper.
7. Your reflection paper should be highly polished. Pay close attention to spelling, grammar,
punctuation, organization, insightfulness of analysis, and the like.
8. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Students who plagiarize will receive a zero for the paper.


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