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Support all your answers with current and relevant research. All research should be less than 5 yrs (10 yrs. max) or as current as possible. All answers need to include in-text citations and references. 1 Page per question, 1 citation per question.

1. A 34-year-old male patient presents to the clinic complaining of "mouth sores for the last 3 days." He states he noticed them about 3 days ago, and they seem to be getting worse. He claims they are painful and often prevent him from eating and drinking. Social history reveals he is a male who has been having sex with multiple male partners over the last 6 months. He claims he does not use protection when having intercourse and does engage in oral intercourse. He was checked for HIV 9 months ago at the health department and was found to be negative for HIV. Based on the exam, you determine the patient likely has aphthous ulcers. What potential etiologies would you consider for his ulcers? What lab work would you obtain? The patient is anxious to get relief until "you can figure out what is going on." What medication(s) would you recommend? What lifestyle modifications would you recommend for this patient? What teaching is necessary?

2. A nurse practitioner is following up with a patient who was treated for chronic sinusitis 3 weeks ago. The patient reports that her symptoms are still the same as they were 3 weeks ago: maxillary sinus pressure, sneezing, headaches, and fatigue. The patient completed a 5-day course of azithromycin. In addition, she does not understand why she is still having symptoms. The FNP looks back in the chart and does not find any documentation regarding patient education completed at the last office visit. What patient education would be important for the FNP to review for a chronic sinusitis patient? Justify your rationale.


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