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a) After the financial crisis, government and regulators have been subjected to calls
demanding “stronger” or “better” regulation of financial markets. Drawing on key
recommendations published and discussed in policy papers, consulting reports and news
items from 2009 onwards, discuss whether these have been adequately implemented. (50

b) Given your answer in part a), how HSBC bank has responded to the post-crisis
environment. Use different sources and types of information (financial, (product) market
data, regulators comments, corporate discussions) to support the answer (50 marks)
-HSBC UK Annual report 2009-2017

Part a):
Discussion of crisis + regulation
Select a time horizon that fits the argument
Which particular regulation is suitable for the argument?
Must link part a) and part b)
Part b)
Empirical discussion of bank strategic changes
How do issues identified & discussed in in part a) affect part b)

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