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use STATA or EVIEWS to analysis data. And my major is finance and investment. I hope you has enough knowledge about this major . you need to find data by yourself.

i NEED Analysis part  ONLY :
1.      1.To test how IPO underpricing of companies was affected by Venture Capital,Private equity and Angel investor. 2 To test how post-IPO performance of company was affected by Venture Capital,Private equity and Angel investor. 3. To identify the main factors that cause the difference?)
2.    Analysis method :Regression analysis combined with financial performance , the regression analysis will take at least 80% .
3.    Use the software EVIEWS or STATA to do the regression analysis. You cannot use anything else other than this two. This is very important.
4.    Comparison of the financial performance of publicly available data collected primarily for the hard part (the impact of angel investors), if the data can be collected that may not involve financial report
5.    The country and the plate which listed company in: U.S. stock market (GEM)
6.    The data scale should from Jan 1998 to Dec 2012.
7.    In  Introduction section, go straight into the subject without literature review, no need to description of what is private and what is the basic definition of venture capital
8.      requirements: use of quantitative methods and you need to say why you use this method.  (for example: Why use XXX to quantify the private investment company listed on the post-impact, rather than the other); you need to explain your model  you used as well. Why it is the appropriate explanation (eg each parameter represents what, etc.); verify the conclusions to give explanations; program runs screenshot need  to see what kind of procedures you  used

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