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HP desire UPS as a partner

You need to prepare three detailed case analyses (for cases identified in red font on the schedule of classes at the end of this document) following the questions that are posted on Blackboard. Also, for every other case [4 cases] you must submit a one-page (single-space, 12 point font) write-up as well. This must demonstrate sufficient thought regarding the case, the accompanying articles and textbook chapter, and frameworks and concepts. The one-page guidance builds certain expectation about length and depth of analysis so please try to stick to this suggested length.

Answer following questions in your paper.

1.    Why did HP desire UPS as a partner? What advantages could UPS bring to HP?
2.    What were the unique advantages of each company, and how could they be brought together to benefit both?
3.    How is customer value co-created through this partnership?
4.    Briefly describe the partnership structure, highlighting the points that were well structured, and those that needed to evolve as the partnership matured.
5.    Assess the three main objectives, commenting on how they should be implemented and providing advice on partnering strategy.

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