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Human Resource Economics

Research Topic:
You are hired by the Fair Work Commission Australia as a consultant to examine issues relating to pay and performance. Your task is to provide a report detailing findings from the economic literature on the effectiveness of pay for performance initiatives in generating improved outputs (or business outcomes), how performance should be evaluated and key ideas on establishing incentive pay and related evaluation frameworks for the organisation.

• You should aim to think critically and write originally.
• A key component of the assessment of the assignment will be based on your ability to explain your answers using the economic concepts and theory discussed in this unit. You will be rewarded for linking the theory with a real life example.
• You are required to research this topic. The use of journal article searches and newspaper article searches will assist you with the assignments.
• Assignments should be typed using Times New Roman, 12 font size and 1.5 spacing. All references throughout the assignment should be presented in Chicago style referencing.
• The general assessment criteria for this project assignment is as follows:
30% – Content
30% – Application
20% – Supporting Data
10% – Presentation and Structure
10% – Language and Style

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