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Analyse your own organisation (please take Clariant, chemical speciality company) in terms of issues relating to International business in one or more than one markets. The assignment should use a variety of models and perspectives / theories within your chosen topic as a part of your analysis
Please follow the following framework :
1. Introduction the completed selected
– Details an introduce the company (bit of data., history where operating markets etc ) – 150 words
– Situation Analysis – in view of IBM 150 words (eg – Environmental issues + culture)
– Problem Statement – 150 words
– Objective of the study – 150 words

2. Review of Literature ( 600 words) 4 full reviews + 4 to 6 supporting reviews
– To explore global institutional arrangements that underpins international trade
a ) Political economy of international trade
b ) FDI matters
– Cross – cultural differences and styles of management
a ) Culture and ethics

3. Analysis 1200 words on the 4 full reviews and also on the supporting reviews
– International business Strategy with reference to a new market ( 400 words )
– To delineate strategy and structure of international business
– International business operations and entry strategy (400 words)
– To explore different approaches to operate in the international market
– Global Human Resource Management – 200 words
– To explore startegic role of human resource management in international business

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