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Identify and analyse essay

Identify and analyse two different texts that manifest two different discourses about a given subject.
1. Be very clear what is being asked for here. You need to identify two DIFFERENT discourses about the SAME subject, preferably from two different mediums – a newspaper article and a song lyric, for example.
2. We mean subject as in ‘topic’ here and text includes posters, advertisements, cartoons, articles in newspapers, headlines, material objects like cars, water bottles and particular bodies and many other things. Check with your tutor if unclear.
3. Don’t forget the multiple modes that texts appear in. Consider the discursive effects that sound and visual cues might produce compared to reportage in a newspaper for example.
4. Look at the example on UTS Online under Assignment 2 to guide you as to the ultimate shape of the analysis. (BUT stay away from Death as YOUR topic – this is an example only)
5. You can use as one of your discourses, the discourse you looked at in Assessment 1 (but remember you need two).
6. The assignment is to be presented as an academic essay with in-text referencing and a MINIMUM of five references in your reference list. This means 5 different academic texts (articles from refereed journals and academic monographs only) should be cited within the work in-text and also listed at the end and consistency to one author/date style needs to be adhered to (Harvard recommended and supported by the library).
7. Essays are to be handed in as had copies, in the tutorial WEEK 8 with a signed cover sheet, and remember to submit it to Turnitin too.



•    Appropriateness of the choice of texts for analysis
•    Depth of analysis of texts
•    Coherence of argument
•    Lucidity of style
•    Relevance of referenced material
•    Accuracy of referencing

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