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Increasing Awarness of Andropause

The Op-Ed should contain the following information and should conform to the following specifications:
• 4 full pages, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font with 1” margins on all sides (note: you will have to change the default margins if using Word)
• Take a specific POINT OF VIEW regarding your topic of interest.
• You must briefly incorporate material from at least two reputable sources in your op-ed, giving appropriate credit for these. Theses should make up very little of the material of the op-ed, but should give you a foundation upon which to build your argument. An example of effective incorporation would be a statistic on the use of a certain reproductive technology in one setting and a brief (no more than two sentence) quotation from an expert in the field.
• Give credit for this material within the BODY of the paper without a parenthetical citation (e.g., “according to a recent report from WHO division of maternal child health…”)
• Use quotation marks as appropriate with brief quotations. Be sure that any paraphrase is both credited and is substantially different from source material.

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