Indian slums

Indian slums

Altruistic business plan instructions-deadline November 14, 2013
This business plan is based on an idea I had and I will present it to business development execs.  You will help do the background and business research for it and the project will be represented with all of our names.
The business is an add-on to existing online retail websites.  Customers who browse at, say,, will be given the opportunity through this business to purchase one of a given set of items or a surprise item for a poor person in an Indian slum.  The items would be purchased from or delivered to nonprofits who work in the slums and can deliver items to a family there.  Confirmation that the item is shipped and received would be given and the success of the program would be independently audited to prevent corruption.  For this project, we will write a business proposal to “sell† to website executives.  There are 29 aspects of the project and each individual in the class will be responsible for his or her own part.  You will be graded on how well researched your part is.  The parts are as follows:

5. Research potential purchase: clothing

Further instructions:
This list is an idea about wish list, which will make sure these poor people can get these clothes that we have listed. Also, this business plan is going to NGOs. So the professor will finish the business plan as a whole which include all of these parts. So the students only need to do the research for one topic, such as how much money will cost per clothing ( per person) and what kind clothes they need in Indian slums( if there is hot, then they only need dress or t-shirt or short pants, also, clothing based on the religion and ritual concerned. For instance, Hindu ladies wear white clothes to indicate mourning, while Parsis and Christians wear white to weddings. You can search something like that). In addition, you need think about the population: are Women or man or children living in slums? Maybe how many of each category?  And where they can get these clothes, maybe some local factories are making and selling these clothes in Indian. After all, you are going to make a list which include everything that can be researched on the topic that you chose( the number 5).


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