Individual Position Statement

Individual Position Statement

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The essay is required to develop an individual position statement.

Information contained in the statement should clearly demonstrate the student’s perspective, which should be supported by current relevant evidence and reflect current policy and practice within the Australian nursing context with clear reference and linkage to the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia Nursing Competencies for Registered Nurses.

“The utilization of an Assistant in Nursing (AIN) in the provision of patient care, as delegated and directed by a registered nurse (RN), is an appropriate, safe, and resource-efficient method of providing nursing care.”

Discuss the role of an AIN in today’s health-care system. How does an AIN together with an RN ensure safe practice and improve patient outcomes? Outline the responsibilities of the RN when working with an AIN. How can an AIN assist the RN to achieve competencies?

The position statements should be structured in Essay format:
1. the introduction should clearly state the topic and the position to the topic.
2. You then use the body of the essay to justify the position with supportive evidence based literature.
3. the conclusion then summarises the position.

You may find the following resource useful in writing the position statement

?????????????????????????Clear concise and well-structured introduction and conclusion – 14%
Explicitly states the argument and clearly sets out the steps the essay will take to support it. Conclusion effectively summarises the arguments and presents the final position.

Context and assumptions – 28%
Thoroughly analyses own assumptions in relation to NMBA competencies for clinical practice, and other relevant academic resources when presenting a position.

?Student’s position – 28%
Specific position is concise and well-articulated, taking into account the complexities of the issue. Limitations of position are acknowledged. Other points of view are considered.

Evidence – 14%
Extensive information is taken from relevant academic sources. Comprehensive interpretation and evaluation.

Referencing – 8%
Accurate use of APA referencing style in all instances. A range of in-text citations has been used.

Mechanics- grammar, spelling and punctuation – 8%
There are no errors with grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the meaning is easily discernible. The essay reads without interruption.

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