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Information Systems/ Implementation of ICT

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mplementation of ICT

The implementation of ICT or Information Systems in an organization—or even their adoption in a national context—invariably leaves some stakeholders outside of the decision or design process. Typically, these and other groups can make powerful arguments against the adoption of Information Systems . This Application will help you understand the effect of Information Systems innovation on organizations.

Research and present a case study (not addressed in the textbook) in which a major Information Systems project succeeded specifically because the Information Systems analysts understood and avoided pervasive but unacknowledged beliefs or behaviors.

Write your case in the form of an APA-style report. Your report should address the techniques used to identify the beliefs and behaviors. In your report, discuss how understanding the unacknowledged beliefs and behaviors helped the Information Systems analysts avoid pitfalls and difficulties in the Information Systems project and how these approaches used by the Information Systems analysts could be generalized. The body of the report should not exceed 5 pages in length.

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