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Inside Job (The movie)

The documentary film Inside Job contains a lot of background and technical information about what led up to the financial crisis in 2008, and the lasting effects the crisis has had on our society and economy.choose ONE of the following topics to write about. Your essay will be the normal length (approximately 3 pages), and must have a clear thesis statement, developed and organized body paragraphs, and an introduction and conclusion. You may use outside research (the website for the film is a good resource, www.sonyclassics.com/insidejob) but remember to cite any and all outside sources that you use.

Topic #1: Do you think that someone depicted in the film should go to jail for the role they played in the crisis? Who? Inside Job discusses evidence that senior bankers on Wall Street used prostitutes and illegal drugs, sometimes paying with company credit cards. If bringing a criminal fraud case related to sub-prime loans and CDOs would be too difficult, should prosecutors go after this other behavior?
If you choose this topic, you will essentially be arguing a point (they should/should not go to jail ? you will need to pick a side). You may certainly use your own opinion, but you must back it up with details and examples, and provide supporting reasons and analysis.

Topic #2: Alan Greenspan appears throughout Inside Job. The film describes how Greenspan, as

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