intellectual Memoir

intellectual Memoir

An intellectual memoir is a personal exploration of your educational journey to date. The goal of this paper is for you to perform a self-interrogation by identifying and recording your educational history, memories and sites of memory as they relate to your educational experiences in elementary, middle school, high school and college.
Things to think about as you reflect about your educational journey:
1.    What were some of the earliest narratives you received about education,  purpose and function in your life?
2.    Who were/are some of the most influential people or places in your educational journey?
3.    What informs your identity as a student?
4.    How are your experiences similar or different from Ellison’s Invisible Man?
5.    Does Ellison trigger particular memories or experiences for you?
6.    How does/do the notion(s) of invisibility manifest in your life?
7.    When and where are you the most comfortable in your person?
8.    When and how did you become conscious of you internal motivation to learn?
9.    When did your desire to achieve academically become personal for you?
10.    What were your schooling contexts?
11.    Who were some of your most influential teachers?
12.    What type of subtle and overt messages have you received about your ability as a learner from teachers/professors to date?
13.    Have the messages from instructors been consistent or varied about who you as a learner?
14.    When and how do you learn best?
15.    Where and when do you study best?
16.    What are study strategies you consciously employ when strive to master particular subject matter?
17.    What are your intellectual interests?
18.    Why are you interested in obtaining a higher education?
19.    What type of learning environment(s) is/are most conducive for your learning?
20.    What do you find most rewarding when you are learning something new?
21.    What do you find least enjoyable about learning something new?
22.    How do you motivate yourself to learn material that is not intuitively interesting to you?
23.    What awakens your curiosity to learn about others without judgment?
24.    What factors guide/influence your decision making process?
25.    How was your moral compass derived?


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