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Interview someone who currently has your dream job so you can find out more about what that job is really like. Alternatively, you can interview a career or academic counselor to help you locate a possible field of interest. You will turn in a two-page essay that summarizes the key points of the interview. It will also include an introductory and concluding paragraph (detailed below).

Option 1: If you feel strongly that you know the job you want after graduation, this assignment will help you to learn more about this possible career. Your assignment must include a description of your dream job. This description needs to be more detailed than ?a businessman?. What kind of businessman? Which type of company? What types of things would you like to be responsible for? Etc. The more detailed you are in your description, the more points you will earn.

Interview someone who currently has your dream job (or as close as you can get.) Interviewing in person is ideal, but phone interviews are acceptable if you can?t arrange to meet in person.

Sample Interview Questions: Option 1:
Ask the subject how they got their job
What they like most/least about their job
Common misconceptions about the job
Ask what you can be doing now to prepare yourself for this job
Advice for people wanting this job

Also, using the descriptions of your Strengths from the StrengthsQuest assessment, consider how your Strengths complement the career you are exploring.

my dream job is being a mechanical engineer.

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