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Interview Questions (Account Executive role)

Question 1

It is the year end Christmas break and the office is closed for a week. Returning to work on 2nd Jan, you notice an email from a client who had overlooked the office closure and had proceeded to arrange for you and your IT Manager to conduct a “User Interface Training” session with her team at 4pm the same afternoon due to the impending launch of their site in a week’s time.

After consulting your IT Manager, he tells you it would be very difficult  for him to organise his material in time for the 4pm session and proposes that you postpone the session.

What would you do in this situation?


Question 2

The client Citibank is launching a year end Christmas promotion where they are giving away a host of different gift vouchers for clients who ramp up their online banking (making deposits, doing funds transfers, downloading electronic statements etc.) during the year end festive period.

In summary, she requires the key message to be:
– Enjoy a host of exciting gifts when you bank online with Citibank.

She has requested for an interesting creative concept to deliver the message rather than the standard “Be rewarded with cool gifts every time you bank” accompanied with a visual of gifts stacking up. Additionally, concept needs to be translated into interesting imagery for animation.

The Creative Team submits these options for the concept and copy to you.

Concept 1: “Upsize”
Show a typical fast-food icon like a French fries box stuffed full with the different gifts or a over-stacked burger of gadgets, vouchers etc.
Upsize your Christmas with exclusive giveaways at Citibank Online!
Concept 2: “Cocktail”

Show a row of 4-5 Martini or Champagne glasses bubbling over, each has cocktail sticks, candy canes, each one labeled with the different offers

Citibank Online presents … The perfect cocktail of Christmas offers this festive season.


Concept 3:  “Blockbuster”
Use a movie poster treatment to present the different offers.
Electric Sensations! Critics call it the most sizzling production to hit our screens this year!
Producer: Citibank Online | Director: Citibank Online

Enjoy a BLOCKBUSTER Christmas with Citibank Online!

Which concept and headline will you present to the client and why?


Question 3

The agency has been invited by Johnson and Johnson, to pitch for an online campaign to promote their Neutrogena brand of facial masks.

The client’s brief is as follows:-

Campaign Objectives
•    Grab attention and hearts of the target audience. Force them to consider facial masks as a necessary part of facial care.
•    Get people to consider Neutrogena as a brand instead of competitors like Loreal or Olay and put Neutrogena into their shopping carts. Neutrogena masks are priced 0.50 cents more than the others.
•    Build a database of Neutrogena product leads and prospects

Target Audience
•    Young urbanites, live and work in a high-tempo environment
•    Not very facial paper masks but view appearance, health as important
•    Singles or couples with children
•    25 years and above, household income of $5,000 and above

Campaign Directive:

•    Use non-traditional approach and media to engage audience, generate leads and conquests
•    Be different, fun, spontaneous

In view of the client’s request to come up with an online campaign that is different, fun and spontaneous to generate interest in the category and consider Neutrogena favourably, what are some of the ideas you might propose to the Team?

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