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Introduction to Anthropology

Answer the following essay question completely, using specific examples to illustrate your points. The essay should be approximately 250–500 words (about 1–2 pages, typed double-spaced with a typical font). Be sure to use proper citations for every idea that is not your own, whether quoted or paraphrased. Before submitting your work, please proofread it for correct spelling, grammar, usage, clarity of expression, etc.

Describe the fieldwork experience of Weiner in the Trobriand Islands.
What was her initial expectation?
What had shaped that expectation?
What difference did the expectation make?
Was she aware of her expectation?
What methods did she use to neutralize the expectation?
What other problems did she have, and how did she resolve or overcome them?
Use examples from her study to illustrate five (5) characteristics of culture described by Haviland et al.

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