Introduction to International Communication

Introduction to International Communication

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? Make sure to go beyond the unit readings in looking for materials.
? Keep your essays focused. Make sure you have a clear argument (ONE key point) that is stated in the
first paragraph (introduction) and reinforced throughout your essay, backed up by evidences from the media or other sources and academic research. Your key argument should be succinctly summarised at the end as well. Make sure there are critical voices in your essay.
? Make sure each paragraph contains one key point, which connects to your key idea and helps build up your argument. Each point should be sufficiently explained and backed up by evidence (from readings, the media etc.). Each paragraph should logically follow on from the previous one.
? Don’t forget to include in-text references (Harvard style/APA) and attach a list of references in the correct format at the end. You only need to list the sources you actually refer to in your text (i.e. ideas that you quote or paraphrase). Use the referencing guide on iLearn.
? The research questions are broad questions. In the description of each question, it provides some perspectives or aspects that you can focus on. You don’t have to limit your discussion to these perspectives. You can have your own angles as long as the analysis is pertinent to the research question, but make sure to keep your essay focused (please refer to the second instruction)

Question 1:
Critically analyse the extent to which non-Western television news organisations (e.g. Al Jazeera, CCTV, NHK) are shifting global media influence away from Western media organizations like CNN and the BBC.
To answer this question, find out how these channels appeal to an international audience. Consider the notion of contra flows and/or hegemony in your response. You may want to build a case study around one major television company that is attempting to gain influence regionally or internationally to illustrate your key argument. Focus on examples of specific stories and styles of reporting used to attract international audiences. You can draw on online TV clips or YouTube clips of relevant TV programs.

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