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ITCM 310 – Plane Surveying

1.    90% Error – A distance was taped six times with the following results: 85.67, 86.33, 85.90, 85.95, 86.16, and 85.92 feet.  Compute the 90 percent error and give the maximum and minimum range of accuracy for the survey.

2.    Relative Accuracy – A distance of 345.75 feet is measured by a survey crew.  The true distance is know to be 345.85 feet.  What is the relative accuracy of the measurement?

3.    Maximum Error of Closure – What is the maximum error of closure in a measurement of 2500 feet if the relative accuracy is 1:5000?

Trigonometric Review Problems

4.    The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 106.32 ft long and one of the other sides has a length equal to 69.66 ft.   Find the angle opposite to the 69.66 ft. side.

5.    The three sides of a triangle are 60, 80, and 100 ft.   Determine the magnitude of the interior angles.

6.    A surveyor measures an inclined distance and finds it to be 1642.5 ft.   In addition, the angle between the horizontal or level plane and the inclined line is measured at 2°56’30”.  Determine the horizontal distance and the difference in elevation between the two ends of the line.

7.    A section of a road is to be paved.  This section has a constant 3% slope or grade (i.e. 3 ft. vertically rise or fall for each 100 ft. horizontally) is to be paved.  If the road is 24.000 ft wide and its total horizontal length is 900.0 ft., compute the road area to be paved.

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