lAIOPS Cert'fication Research Topics 2015

lAIOPS Cert’fication Research Topics 2015

1. What are the real costs of equipping officers with personal body cameras considering
the costs of the camer a, storage and Freedom of information/subpoena requests?

2, Critical incident investigations (officer involved shootings, in-custody deaths, serious
use of force incidents, and Police pursuits with deaths) have increased the role of the
prosecutor. What are options for involved officers to ensure that their rights are
adequately protected Wh’le 3““ providing the agency with the necessary insight into
what occurred?

3. Reserve officer’s rights during administrative investigations have been highlighted by
the recent incident in Tuisa. What provisions should r’i agency enact to ensure that
reserve officers are adequately servarf and protected during any administrative
investigation in which they might become involved?

4. Are police unions justified in today’s lair r r‘ lent agency administrative

5, There appears to be a movement to require critical incident investigations (officer
involved shootings, in-custody deaths, pursuits v ti deaths, and serious use of force
incidents) to be investigated by investigative units other than those in the affected
police agency, What are the pros and cons of that requirement and how could your
agency implement such a requirement?

3‘ What is the value of an administrative no-contact/oease and decease order during an
lA/OPS investigation?

Research papers may be mailed to Public Agenc Trainin ncil, 5235 Decatur

Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46241 or emailed t‘” H Research papers

Wst be a minimum of 500 words and SmeItted within 3 months from the testing


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