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Linear programming applied to Aggregate Production Planning of Flat Screen Monitor

develop a new linear programming for an aggregate production planning, where the objective function of LP model is to minimize the total cost in terms of several variables such as demand planning, workforce planning, minimize inventory holding cost, the inventory balance etc.”

2. Linear Programming Model Formulation
2.1.1 Problem Definition and Translation
2.1.2 Setting Parameters and Selecting Decision Variables
2.1.3 Linear Programming Model

2.2 Gather Data
2.3 Optimize Solution
2.4 Validate & Test Model (LP output against factory cost, level production strategy, chase demand strategy and mixed strategy)
2.5 Implement Results
3. Conclusion
4. References (IEEE, ScienceDirect, Elsevier, Springer etc.)
5. Appendix (any further mathematical calculations or Matlab programming codes)

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