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Essay # 4
Research Paper

The Research Paper is intended to give each student the opportunity to expand the knowledge gained from the class readings. Each student will apply critical thinking and writing skills covered in class while researching your choice of topic (below).

Premise: Our reading this semester exposed us to many issues that affect society and it is up to us to uncover some real truths and share the knowledge about opportunity and education.

Assignment: In this essay you will examine what it means to be “Socially Responsible” from one of the points of view listed below. Review each topic below and determine which one item provides the most interest to you.

1. Literacy – What is ‘literacy’ and what are the impacts to our education system if we do not promote literacy at all levels of education? Who is responsible for our literacy?

What sorts of activities promote literacy from birth through adult learning? How does lack of literacy promotion impact our diverse population?

There are different levels of literacy and you should choose a segment that resonates with your interests (ex: early childhood literacy, school age, adult literacy, non- traditional students, parental impact)

2. Education – Who has the right to decide who learns what? Is there such a thing as educational equality?

How do the economic factors affect the success of a student? How is our nation helping to fund or not fund our public school systems?

What are the impacts of the ‘No child left behind’ and ‘Common Core’ federal policies? Who holds the ultimate responsibility for our education?

For this essay you will prepare a Proposal, Annotated Bibliography, two rough drafts, and final copy. All work must be typed.

Your Proposal will include your reason for choosing the topic and what you hope to learn and you must include a brief outline of topics you might cover in your research. Use any pre-writing technique to illustrate your ideas – bubble chart, brain storming list, free-write.

Research paper will contain the following:
• Summary of the research materials.
Examination the research data to answer the following (must address at least three areas listed):
? Why is the topic a problem or solution?
? What is social responsibility in brief terms?
? How do you propose to be a part of the solution?
? Does Media play a part in your topic?
? What is the outlook for the issue or solution?
? Why is the data important and how does it support the issue you are covering?

Each essay will include the standard introductory paragraph with thesis and conclusion. The paper must include a minimum of Six (6) outside research sources Two of which must be a book(e-book is acceptable). The paper must include at least twelve (12) quotations from your sources to support your claim. You will also need a Works Cited Page for this paper. This paper should be 7-9 pages in length, use 12 pt Times New Roman or Arial fonts and have 1 inch margins. Spacing should be ‘double spaced’. Use the sample heading below for your paper & DO NOT use a cover page. Please use MLA format appropriate for a research paper.

LastName 1
Joe Student
English 105
Essay #4
Essay title

Research paper schedule

Items due Point value Wed class Sat
Research Proposal – 1 page – (see proposal guideline) 15 11/05 11/8
Annotated Bibliography – this must include a minimum of 3 sources 20 11/19 11/15
Rough Draft # 1 (3-4pages) – (in class&
1. Thesis (preliminary)/purpose of essay.
2. Top Discussion items in the intro
3. Use of 4-6 quotes 15 11/26 11/22
Rough Draft #2 (4-6 pages) (in class/
1. You will need to have writing center review of your paper – bring WC slip to class
2. Solid thesis & introduction
3. Clear argument and focus in paper
4. Evidence of conclusion
5. Draft of the ‘Works Cited’ page.
6. Paper is at least 90% complete 20 12/3 12/6
Final copy Due on 100 12/10 12/13

Determine which category you may want to research further and prepare a basic proposal for class that will answer the following questions:
• Why did you choose the subject?
o What is the reason for your choice – what do you plan to learn from it
• What will your research cover?
o List at least three major areas
Proposal will also include a brief outline of topics you might cover in your research. Use any pre-writing technique to illustrate your ideas – bubble chart, brain storming list, free-write.

Annotated Bibliography guideline

List the sources you might use in your paper and a brief 5-6 sentence summary of the article or book.

Brandt, Deborah. “Sponsors of Literacy.” Literacy A Critical Sourcebook. Ed. Ellen Cushman, Eugene R. Kintgen, Barry M. Kroll, Mike Rose. Boston:Bedford/St. Martins, 2001. 555-571. Print.

Brandt defines sponsors as “any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model as well as recruit, regulate suppress, or with-hold literacy – and gain advantage by it in some way”( 556). She spent five years studying people and how the learned to read and write. She discusses the type of sponsors accessible to people of various economic backgrounds. Some of her results show that those of higher social class had better sponsors.

Delpit, Lisa. Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflicts in the Classroom. New York: New Press. 1995. Print.

This book covers the many issues regarding cultural conflict in the classroom. Her premise for this book was what she witnessed, regarding Native American instruction, while teaching at the University of Alaska were “white conservatives and liberals were battling each other over what was good for these ‘other people’s children,’ while excluding from the conversation those with the most to gain or lose by its outcome” (6). She believed there was much at stake for these students of color and advocated for creating an environment where the students were exposed to community discourses outside their local and primary community.


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