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Market Analysis Of Saudi Arabia Economy

Kindly include the following :

1) (5) pages – An Overview about Saudi Arabia’s Economy in general in all sectors not only oil sector, economy as hole with talking about all economical sectors.
after covering everything in the overview now we dig more in for the below points :

2) (2) pages on Education system, number of universities, vocal training programs, focusing on graduation rate for both male and female for ( bachelor, master, phd) and how many saudi students is studying abroad with which degrees are being studied.

3) (2) Looking at the labour market, grouping them to ( employed / unemployed ) finding out its rate for both * Saudi’s and Non Saudi’s – male and female -including age groups and education status for each group. (example).. how many male 18- 23 bachelors degree is employed and how many are unemployed as a (%) same thing for masters and phd holders… how many people are retired from government and private companies etc..

4) (2) pages on how attractive the market is for start ups and entrepreneurs to start their start up in saudi arabia market.
Kindly include either (graphs or charts or…..), all statistical data 2016, sources like IMF, World bank, or equivalent.

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