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Marketing Research Survey Format

Your Marketing Research Survey should be on a social cause or issue (breast cancer,
gay marriage…etc.), or on a product (types of cars people choose to buy…etc.) You need to use ten subjects (people) for your survey. After you have made up your
you can either have your subjects fill the questionnaire out, interview them in person yourself and write the answers down, or interview them by phone and record their
answers. Your survey report must include all demographic questions at the top (age,
sex…etc.) followed by the questions about your topic/cause. You should have five questions about your topic and as many demographic questions as needed. If you are
doing your survey on types of computer equipment people buy, you may have more demographic questions because you may want to ask about their income and education
levels. Only ask questions that are relevant to your topic. Unnecessary demographic questions will slow down your final report. You need to do a combination of three
types of questions that are on those sheets I handed out at the beginning of the term. If you do not have these reports, you need to stop by my office and pick them up
or let me know and I’ll mail them to you.

Marketing Research Survey Format:

Your final, written report should be in the following four parts and labeled as such:


In this section, you answer the following questions, objectively, in the
third person only (no “I”):

What is the purpose of this study?
What led you to do this study?
Why is it important?
In other words, what is the objective of the study?


In this section, you report only the following:

All demographic information (who you interviewed and all demographic breakdowns)
How did you collect the information? Did you let them fill out the questionnaires or
did you interview them by phone or in person and record the answers yourself?
In other words, how did you go about this study?
Keep in mind that you do not discuss the results (the answers to the questions related to the topic here at all).
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In this section, you report the following:
All answers to your survey questions (do not interpret the results). Just present the
answers: for example, 12 said “yes”, 2 said “no” to question 1.
You may use graphs and tables in this section, but make sure that they are properly labeled, and referred to in the body (text) of your report.

Again, if you do not have the copy of the sample report and questions I gave out on our first meeting, please arrange to pick them up.


In this section, you discuss and interpret the results, objectively. That is, in light of the demographics and survey questions, what does all of this mean? For
example, do more women buy suv’s than men?…etc.

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