Media, law and ethics

Media, law and ethics

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This paper is going to be about the law of media in the gulf region

– The research question should be : – law in the Arabian Gulf region is extremely harsh , towards freedom of speech, libel and defamation through media about the government, the royal family and the political views.

– The research thesis should be : The oppression on the role of media in the arabian gulf, And the law does not protect freedom of speech.

– Introduction

– You should start by the meaning of law ( what is law) in the arab world and how has it been created and built up , such as by “Sharia”

– Then you talk about the role of law in freedom of speech in the arabian gulf.
. does law protect the population?
. does media reveals the truth which the law protect or not? why and how?
. does the people agree to have a freedom of speech law against/with media?
. does the arab gulf countries follow the law?
. does the law only apply on normal people and royal people or not and why?
. is this fair?
. what is the role of human rights in this case?

– then you should bring a strong conclusion that brings all the main ideas.

– An example is “Ibn Al Dheeb” ( ) This website gives you an idea who is he and what did he do.

– Another example is ” Khalid Al Hail’ whos is the President of Qatar National Democratic Party- Qatar opposition. ( )

– another example is Turki bin Bandar al Saud who is against the royal family in Saudi Arabia.

Those are examples that will help the paper, however you can introduce any example from your side which could help improvement of the paper.


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