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Memo, claim letter and professional email

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Assignment #1: Memos, Letters, and Email
Assignment #1 will include a number of shorter exercises, as follows: (http://usaonlineessays.com/wp-admin/post-new.php1) a memo to the instructor and class discussing two examples of unethical behavior in the workplace (see Ch.2 for important background information on ethics)—bring an electronic copy of your draft to class T SEP 1—refer to pages 372-374 in the book and the student example I will email to you for guidelines on how to format your memo; (2) an original letter of inquiry (see p.367) or claim letter (p.369) with a real audience and real question/problem you’ve encountered personally—bring an electronic copy to class R SEP 3; (3) referring to the guidelines on pages 374-377, compose an original email to a community or state official currently in office about any issue of your choice—use a serious, professional tone and include the correct email address of the official (for this assignment you may save the message as a draft and print out that page; you are not required to actually send the email, though you may, of course, if you wish)—bring an electronic copy to class T SEP 8; (4) A one-page letter to the instructor explaining your audience and purpose for your memo, letter, and email (1 paragraph for each). Refer to chapter 5, and be sure to mention at least 2-3 items on the checklist on p.112 in each paragraph; (5) A list of 10 things you learned or found interesting from chapters 14 and 2 (10 TOTAL, not 10 per chapter). This may be in bullet form, but be sure that each “thing” is at least 10 words long.

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