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Write a well-developed, multi-paragraphed essay of approximately 2.5-3pages Include a clear thesis statement in your introduction Insert a photo/picture /image/visual. Make sure content is 2.5-3pages first. You may insert visual anywhere EXCEPT at the end. Follow correct MLA Header double spaced, Times NEW Roman font 12 Audience: Your 1301 instructor and your classmates. (do not use any form of “YOU”) Purpose: to inform, entertain, and to persuade. NEED A CREATIVE, ORIGINAL TITLE Make sure to Tell a story Introduce Characters (Use your character sketches Make a point and connect with readers Focus on People Select events that will keep Readers Engaged Pace the Story Create a Structure with a Climax or an Epiphany (Definitely MUST have!) Style and design: “favor active rather than passive voice.” Good Dialogue (Use Dialogue!) You may NOT write on the following: “deaths, graduations, car wrecks, winning hits [score], or first love”

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