Mental Health

Mental Health

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This assessment requires detailed information based on AUSTRALIAN medical nursing interventions, so please ensure that you base your information from an Australian perspective.

Assessment requirements: Mental Health Assignment: Due 10/09/2015 8am AEST
Please ensure the following:
1)  be 1500 words
2) include only a brief introduction and conclusion
3)  be double spaced
4) 3cm margin
5) have a MINIMUM 14 recent sources (Less than 7 years Old).
6)  comply with APA Referencing Guide Lines.
7)  be written in the third person
8)  be Australian and the Australian health system guidelines

You are required to
1) Exploration of Jeremy Oxley’s experience and concerns about his mental health
An accurate and clearly articulated exposition of Jeremy Oxley’s experience, using clearly explained examples.

2) Exploration of brother and partner’s understanding.
An accurate and clearly articulated explanation of both perspectives, comparing and contrasting differences with clearly explained examples.

3) Recovery principles and medical model of mental health are explored and applied to Jeremy Oxley’s Lived Experience of mental health issues.
An accurate and clearly expressed analysis of Recovery principles and the medical model is articulated and applied with appropriate examples to Jeremy Oxley’s experience.

Content is logically and succinctly structured to create a coherent and analytical report which consistently uses formal academic language, correct nursing terminology and adheres to grammatical conventions.
APA guidelines for in-text referencing and the reference list are consistently adhered to, with no errors.
The chosen patient is Jeremy Oxley from “The Sunny Boys” concert/life experience 2013 is available on youtube appox 90mins

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