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Mini Session Assignment

Mini Session Assignment
(10% of course grade)
You are to conduct and record a mini session using the Basic Listening Skills (BLS) that you have learned so far in this course, i.e. asking open questions, encouraging, paraphrasing and summarizing, reflecting feelings, and using observation skills. Be sure you are thoroughly familiar with these micro-skills before attempting this assignment.
This assignment requires that you submit to the assignment drop box 1) an audio or video recording of a 10-15 minute mini session, 2) a transcript of the session, and 3) the Mini-Session Self-Evaluation Questionnaire. Failure to submit any one of these 3 components will result in the loss of 50 points on the project.
For more information about how to record and submit an audio or video of your mini session, look for the Audio/Video Recording Information Sheet on the left hand menu bar.
You will need to find someone who is willing to role-play a client with a concern, opportunity, or issue. Please have your client sign the Written Release to Record Mini or Structured Session sheet. You do not need to submit it to me but you should keep it in your possession.
Speak with and record your conversation with that client for 10-15 minutes. The idea is to practice using the micro-skills and get your client to talk but not to resolve a problem. It would not be possible to do this anyhow in only 10 minutes. Be sure to get someone who does not do all the talking for 10 minutes. I need to hear your skills!
Tell your client to be him/herself. You also should be genuine – if you would normally say “wow!” then say “wow.” If the two of you get a little giggly, then giggle! After all, I am sure you are doing this project with someone with whom you are close. You can also tell him/her that I am interested in your skills more than what s/he has to say.
Do not attempt to rehearse the session. In order to truly demonstrate your skills, you both need to be yourselves and be spontaneous. (And, by all means, do not attempt to write a script and think you will be able to pull that off and get away with it!) You really need to just let the recording run, be yourself and transcribe every single word that transpires.
If you say something that you wish you hadn’t, (i.e. you ask a why question,) you are allowed to correct yourself. This is one place in life where you can take back what you said without penalty. Just say something like, “Oh, let me rephrase that!” If you do not catch it when you say it in the session, hopefully you’ll catch it when you’re transcribing and you can correct it there. Remember, self-evaluation
is just as important as demonstration of your skills. I do not expect you to conduct a “perfect” mini session, but I do expect you to realize what you are good at and what and how you can improve!
Even though it will take you quite a bit of time to type the transcript, you really need to do it. Do not hire someone to type it and do not use the voice activated computer software to type it. I know this sounds mean, but believe me, when you start typing, the learning will really kick in! You will clearly be able to see what you said and did and should be able to do a terrific self-evaluation.
You really need to make an honest attempt to do a good job demonstrating your skills in this mini session. Do not do a quick, sloppy job, then write in your evaluation, all the wonderful things you could have done differently. Remember, self-evaluation is really important, but your skills are, too.
In general, leniency is not granted on this project for failure to follow the given instructions or for technology problems. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to learn the technology and do not wait until the last minute.
Mini Session Self-Evaluation Questionnaire
After you conduct and record your mini session, answer the following questions. You will need to submit the answers along with your transcript and recording. Please be sure to number your answers so that it is clear which question you are answering. Failure to submit this part of the project will result in minus 50 points out of the assignment total of 100 points.
1. Of the basic listening skills (BLS) that you learned so far, what pattern(s) do you notice with your style? What micro-skills or type of intervention did you use most often?
2. What did you do that you think was most effective during the interaction?
3. What did you do that you think was least effective? With what skill(s) do you feel you are weakest?
4. What intervention did you fail to use that you think may have been more appropriate or effective?
5. On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the highest score, rate your listening skills: How thorough were you at gathering information from your client? How well did you hear what s/he had to say?

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