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MKT10723 Marketing Communications         Assignment 2
Name: _____________________________________  SID:_________________
Assessment criteria & weighting    Comments

Identification of:
•    appropriate communication objectives: are they clear?
(3 marks)
•    relevant target market: consumer and trade (3 marks)
•    brand strategy: appropriate and relevant concepts. (4 marks)

Sound recommendations of marketing communications strategies including:
•    Do they achieve the objectives?
•    Will they reach the target markets?
•    Align to the positioning strategy?
•    Integrated?
•    Varied and creative communication strategies?

Action plan
Sound action plan that supports the communication strategies. Inclusion of an appropriate budget, appropriate time frame and human resources.
Marketing communications piece
Targeted, supportive of creative strategies, and brand message. Relevant to the marketing communications plan

Structure and organisation of content

Other comments


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