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MN554: Unit 6 Laboratory Interpretation and Management Assignment Written Guide
Please review the following lab results and provide 3 differential diagnoses, a definitive diagnosis, and develop a management plan based on evidence-based practice guidelines. Please include at least one evidence-based source in the reference. References should be in APA format. Remember to include a title page with all written assignments.
I. Differential Diagnosis (include rationales)
II. Definitive Diagnosis
III. Critical values indicative of (what illnesses)
IV. Management Plan (include health promotion/maintenance recommendations based on age)
V. Follow Up Plans
VI. References

Patient A: 45 Y/O AAF present with fatigue x2 months with some SOB with activities; no previous health problems or known illnesses
CBC Results
Hemoglobin: 10
Hematocrit: 30
MCV: 68
MCHC: 26
MCH: 22
RDW: 18

Patient B: 55 Y/O CM present with complaints of fatigue, dry brittle hair with shedding, and states “I can’t seem to keep warm.”
Thyroid Panal
TSH: 10mU/L
FT4: 0.3ng/dl

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