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Motivational Team Building Model You and your team have been sent to West Africa to aid those who have been affected by the Ebola virus or have lost family members or loved ones. Your team is nationally recognized for educating and empowering citizens. After a week of witnessing the epidemic firsthand, your team has lost motivation. They feel as if their work is now in vain. The death toll is now at 3,000. You are responsible for ensuring that your team stays motivated for the task at hand. After reviewing the needs of the team and the situation, create a motivational team model that you can use for your team. Team building is designed to involve all members of a team, be it a department, a project, or an entire organization (that is, staff, senior team leaders, organizational director, project manager, et cetera). In this assignment, you will create a plan in which you will: • Discuss the stages of team development. • Create roles within the team, paying attention to individual differences, strengths, and weaknesses. • Define a vision for the team, including principles and behaviors to motivate and guide team members and performance. • Plan for monitoring progress toward achieving the overall team vision. The final step in your assignment is to present your model to your team. Place yourself in the position of a collaborative leader as you do so, and communicate in a manner that is consistent with the expectations for a health care professional.

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