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Movie Revie: Focus on Concepts of Interpersonal Communication

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watch the movie “Shrek” and produce analysis of the movie within the concepts listed. Please refer to and use the links provided in the instructions. You may also use other sources in addition to the links.

Movie Assignment
Please watch the movie (Shrek) you’ve selected. Using thelisted FIVE concepts of interpersonal communication that we have covered this semester describe how they have been depicted in the movie.
1)    Self-Disclosure – (Reference http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/a-primer-on-communication-studies/s06-interpersonal-communication-pr.html)
2)    Stereotypes – (Reference http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/a-primer-on-communication-studies/s02-communication-and-perception.html)
3)    Self-Concept –  (Reference http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/a-primer-on-communication-studies/s02-communication-and-perception.html)
4)    Emotions – (Reference http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/a-primer-on-communication-studies/s06-interpersonal-communication-pr.html)
5)    Conflict Management (include the 5 parts of conflict management as listed) – (Reference http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/a-primer-on-communication-studies/s06-interpersonal-communication-pr.html)
•    Competing
•    Collaborating
•    Avoiding
•    Accommodating
•    Compromising
Use the following formula when completing this assignment:
Your paper should still include an introduction of the movie, the analysis, and a conclusion.
Introduction (1/4 page minimum): (worth 5 points)
Your introduction should gain your reader’s attention (read here on how tohttp://classroom.synonym.com/attention-grabbing-techniques-essay-writing-5116.html
–    introduce the movie
–    provide a clear and brief preview of the each of the five concepts your paper will address.

Analysis Portion (2 1/2 pages minimum): worth 85 point total – 17 per concept analysis
Use the following formula when completing the analysis portion FOR EACH CONCEPT:
Bold the concept, then
1.    Describe concept 1, using a source. Be sure to use appropriate APA citations (both in-text and full references for the references page).
2.    Describe concept 1 in your own words.
3.    Discuss how concept 1 is found in “Shrek”.
4.    Describe at least three examples from the movie that show this concept.
1-4 should comprise at least 1/2 of a single-spaced page for each concept.  You will be analyzing five separate concepts.   You may be over, but not under the half-page requirement per concept.
Please note that a concept is a whole idea, such as relationship self-disclosure, issues of self, listening. Thus, the five forms of listening would count as ONE concept, not five. The five conflict management strategies would count as one concept, not five.

Conclusion (1/4 page minimum):  (worth 5 points)
Your conclusion should:
–    provide closure
–    share lessons learned
–    concluding summary
Reference page (worth 5 points)
A references page with proper APA citations should be presented at the end of your paper.  This is in addition to the in-text citations that should be found throughout the analysis portion of your submission.
APA Citation Examples – Both In-Text and References Page
This entire paper should be a minimum of 3 full single-spaced pages using a size 12 Times New Roman font.  Again may exceed the page length, but your submission should not be under 3 full pages.
Be sure to use proper format with APA citations (both in-text and full references)

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