Moyer's interview of Henry Giroux

Moyer’s interview of Henry Giroux

Segment: Henry Giroux on Zombie Politics

Moyer’s interview of Henry Giroux is, I think,  provocative, disturbing, and challenging.  Giroux is an outspoken social critic who now teaches at McMaster University in Ontario – but he once taught just up the road at Miami University (also at Boston Univresity and Penn State).  He is author of several books including Zombie Politics in the Age of Casino Capitalism.

Assignment two involves viewing the video and writing 400-600 word essay in response to what Giroux says.  I do not care if you agree or disagree.  But, you must talk about some of his ideas and if you disagree, indicate why you disagree.  Or, if you agree, indicate why you agree.

You might want to address some of the following: Does Giroux have it right, or is he wrong?  Have we lost sight of democracy in the U.S.?  Is the power elite so arrogant as to think that the ordinary citizen is disposable?  Are the youth of our society being trained to be nothing more than consumers?  Are democracy and capitalism the same thing?  Have we lost site of the social contract?  Do you think that people have an obligation to other people and to society – or is it all about the self and the survival of the fittest?  Is economics divorced from ethics?  Are a large number of poor a sign of a social pathology?  Is everything “public” viewed as wrong – for example, public education, public transportation, public health.  Are you part of the Zero-Generation?  Would you think it strange if UC had its own armored vehicle?  Is America a democracy?  Who rules America, anyway? ……and so much more.  Speak if you want to his use of metaphors.  What are some of them and how accurate are they?


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