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This assessment requires you to apply the key concepts in the lectures and in the readings to current business news stories. The activity incorporates both an individual component (Media Summary and Analysis) and a team component (Team Analysis and Response).
The aims of the media analysis are two-fold:
1) Individual component: to develop skills in critical thinking by requiring you to summarise and analyse information regarding a particular news item in relation to a theme or themes from the unit’s content.
What to do:
-You are required to select a news article in the current media about a business which is relevant to the political/regulatory environment and the related readings. That is, you should find a story about a company affected by a situation, event or issue that has been prominent in the media and which clearly relates to the key concepts and practices covered in this section of the unit – either in the lecture and/or in the readings. Make sure this article is about a specific company.
Choose an article from the following sources: The Australian Financial Review
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Australian
ABC News Radio and ABC AM ABC News 24 TV
Sky News Business News
The Economist
BBC news
Financial Times
The Guardian
The Wall Street Journal
In order for you to analyse the most recent business news in your MSAs, the articles drawn from the media must be published after 1 August 2015. There is a 10% penalty for using an article that was published before 1August 2015.
Check with your tutor if you want to use a media source other than one listed above. If permission is granted, keep a record of this communication in case it is required later.
Do not choose articles based on companies that are used in BUSS1002 lectures, tutorials and tasks. This will lead to a 100% penalty for that MSA. You will be informed in lectures and on Blackboard the list of companies you can’t use.
– Having chosen your business case, write a 750(DO NOT EXCEED 750) word summary and analysis of the news item. Your response must include:
•a brief summary of the key features of the case in your own words;
•a clear statement of how this case relates to concepts covered in BUSS1002 for the relevant theme;
•your individual analysis of the case, based on your application of concepts introduced during the lectures and readings. This should take the form of A/CA/R(IMPORTANT!)of the implications this development will have on the firm;
•a demonstration of your critical analysis skills developed in BUSS1001 to identify an argument, counterargument and rebuttal related to the issues in the article; and
•a prediction of how the situation might develop and what this means for the outlook of the company.
•an analysis of the companies corporate social reponsibility and sustainability (CSRS) efforts using ACAR(IMPORTANT!). •an accurate list of references using the University of Sydney Business School Referencing Guide (BSRG). •you may refer to lectures and unit readings, but IN ADDITION to these you must also use at least 3 references (minimum) from academic sources.
Please note that the word limit INCLUDES in-text referencing, headings (apart from the Assessment title), in other words everything between the word ‘summary’ and ‘reference list’. The word count DOES NOT INCLUDE the heading ‘Reference List’ headings or the reference list itself, at the end of the document.

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