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NCAA vs Student Athlete

For this assignment, assume that Congress is reviewing the Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act (“SPARTA”). In that context, Congress has established a committee to analyze whether to recommend, in light of the various topics discussed in this course, that NCAA rules be revised to permit student-athletes to have agent representation without loss of player eligibility. To assist their review of the matter, the members of the Committee have sought input from the respective representatives of Student-Athletes.

The Congressional Committee on Student-Athlete Agency Representation (“CCSAAR”) has asked that, in your representative capacity, you submit a report stating the following:

Definition and Issue Framing Section: provide a description of the major issues presently affecting student athletics, generally, and student-athletes, specifically. Your description should be in the form of an executive summary of the issue, presuming that the reader has not taken this or a similar course. The issues included in this section should minimally include:
Agent vs. attorney representation of athletes (e.g. the differing services provided by agents and attorneys as well as the concerns raised in the context of school athletics);
Identification of the various types of sports contracts, together with the major matters and clauses of concern regarding each type;
A discussion of the distinction between sports torts and crimes, including a brief review of the debate regarding when and if to treat harmful contact in sports in the same fashion as equivalent behavior outside of sports;
A brief, but comprehensive, review of the constitutional issues related to sports including drug testing, discrimination (in the context of both Title IX and disabilities), and religious freedom;
A brief review of the international issues that may be applicable to student-athletes aspiring to participate in the Olympics;
A brief, but comprehensive, review of Antitrust and labor issues as may be extrapolated to unpaid student-athletes; and
A brief, but comprehensive, review of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the context of student athletics;
Issue Analysis Section: From the vantage point of the representative role you have chosen, set forth the possible arguments for and against student-athlete agent representation without loss of player eligibility in the context of each of the foregoing issues;
Final Recommendation Section: Taking into consideration all of the arguments considered in Section 2 and from the vantage point of the representative role you have chosen, state your ultimate recommendation and the bases therefor as to whether student-athlete representation without loss of player eligibility should be permitted; and
Suggested Limitations Section: Set forth suggested limitations regarding student-athlete agents, should Congress recommend revision of the NCAA rules regarding student-athlete agent representation.

Page Number and Format Requirements:

Page Estimation – 10 – 12 pages exclusive of the title page and Works Cited page.

Format: This project need not incorporate full APA format; however, the paper must include the following:

A title page with the student’s name; course name and number; and project title including an identification of the representative role you have assumed;
Running headers providing the student’s name, course number and project title in the top margin on each page;
Page numbers in the bottom center of the footer on each substantive page and Works Cited page (The title page should not be numbered);
A Works Cited page wherein you provide full APA citations for each of the sources consulted in the preparation of this project. The sources noted on the Works Cited page must be organized as noted below. Students are required to use a minimum of four (4) credible sources other than the textbook, as noted below; and
APA format in-text citations for each and every sentence or part of a sentence that incorporates the work of any person or entity other than the student

Outside Sources:

Incorporate a minimum of four (4) credible sources, when supporting their recommendations and opinions as offered in this project. These sources should be a combination of sources listed in the course materials and outside sources identified by the student or students. Wikipedia and similar sources that can be edited by the public, although possibly good starting points, are NOT considered credible sources.

Required Citations:

Please include in-text citations and append a Works Cited page in which you provide complete list of sources/references consulted in preparing the final project. The Works Cited list of sources should be divided into four categories:

Resources relied upon in Section 1;
Resources relied upon in Section 2;
Resources relied upon in Section 3; and
Resources relied upon in Section 4.

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