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Neuroanthropology ofthe senses: How does our understanding and valuing ofthe senses affect the way we perceive things? What are the senses? How many do we have? How do they work? Is there six sense? ls are idea ofthe senses subject to change? Merleau Ponty look at the Phenomenology of Perception?

For the six sense stay away from modern western ESP!!! and stick with older and tribal references need examples oftribes and stuff who use sixth sense

The five senses model is really a ‘folk’ understanding, not a scientific account of perception.

Missing variation, mistakes phenomenology for psychodynamics ignores intero- or proprioception

Three basic types of senses: Exteroception, Interoception, Proprioception

The senses are both a primary channel of enculturation and, at the same time, themselves subject to variation, training & development

Practical communities place distinctive sensory-motor demands on the nervous system, leading to ‘deep’ cultural differences.

Sensorium’ is both the sensual environment and the way we are encouraged to actively perceive.

Perceptual system: perceptual systems includes all structures that make this possible, for vision, it would include muscles in eyes, ears which orient the system, our senses do not work in isolation, but in constellations with motor capacity and other senses, perception is a ‘bodily’ activity

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