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BSBMGT402A Implement Operational Plan

l Task 1
a. Identify the components of an operational plan.
b. Outline who is responsible for individual components of the operational plan.
I 0. Explain the contribution of operational plans towards an organisation’s
l strategic/business plan.
d. Describe how stakeholders, teams and individuals are consulted to bring plans to
Task 2
Operational planning is much more than simply writing a ‘to do’ list. It requires you to
manage people and resources well. Outline:
a. The role of managers, team leaders and supervisors in the successful
1 implementation of an operational plan.

b. The skills that are essential for the successful Implementation of an operational
c. How your work team:
Recruits, selects and inducts the necessary people
Monitors and manages performance of individuals to ensure performance
issues are addressed fairly and resolved quickly
Task 3
Using your team’s operational plan:
3. Outline resource requirements. . . i
b. Describe the process Involved in acqumng resources. . y
c. Outline how you negotiate and implement variations to your .1
Explain how changes/variations are communicated to the team. M

Operational Planning: Workbook
Task 4
3. Outline why it is necessary to monitor operational performance.
b. Describe how your team/organisation monitors, records and reports operational
performance in achieving:
i. budgets
ii. productivity
iii. plans
iv. targets
0. Outline the action you would take to:
i. address unsatisfactory performance
ii. mentor/coach and provide support to individuals and teams
iii. reduce the impact of unsatisfactory performance on achieving goals and
iv. improve the operational planning process

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