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Operations Facilities

Each group of student is assigned an industry which they will then critically analyze along the major functional areas of business (Finance/Accounting, Marketing/Sales, IT/Technology, Operations/Facilities, Supply Chain/Logistics), also analyzing the political, social and environmental ramifications of specific business/economic approaches
The following will be the basis of your research:
•The business model of the industry
•The Value Chain of the major players in the U.S. market
•An analysis of the competitive relationship of the major players based on the Business Models and Value Chains as well as targeted customers
•An analysis of the underlying IT (Hardware and Software) required for running these businesses
•A list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) per functional area and explanation why the chosen KPIs are indeed the critical points of measurement
•A critical analysis of government subsidy programs supporting the industry and lobbying money which flows from the industry to government (www.opensecrets.org )
•A critical analysis of the costs and benefits of the industry activity against human prosperity. Here, a brief international comparison of performance metrics would be required (look for OECD reports)
•A broad based conclusion and outlook for the future and the projected developments of the industries and societal and environmental impacts.

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